How to add Gmail account to new Outlook app on Windows 11

Windows 11 has a new Outlook app that now supports Gmail accounts, and here's how to add your account to the email client.

New Outlook add Gmail account

UPDATED 4/11/2023: The redesigned Outlook app for Windows 11 now supports Google’s Gmail service, and in this guide, you will learn how to add your Gmail account. The latest preview of the new Outlook app is available for everyone to try, including those using the classic desktop version of the app through a Microsoft 365 subscription and those without a subscription using the Mail and Calendar app.

In addition to the new interface and features, the preview is also rolling out with support for third-party email services. However, initially, Microsoft is only enabling support for Gmail accounts that also give you access to Google Calendar and Contacts from the new Outlook interface. The only catch is that the company is rolling out the feature in phases, which means that not everyone will have access to add Gmail accounts on the new experience on day one.

If the settings page reads “Add all your Microsoft 365 accounts,” then it means that you still don’t have access to add third-party accounts. On the other hand, if the settings page reads “All all email accounts,” then you will able to connect your Gmail account.

Alongside the ability to add Gmail accounts and first-party accounts from Microsoft, whether they be work, school, or personal, the company says that support for Yahoo, Apple iCloud, and the ability to add accounts through IMAP will come “soon.”

This guide will teach you the steps to add a Gmail account to the new Outlook experience for Windows 11. The instructions will also work for Windows 10.

Add Gmail account to new Outlook app on Windows 11

To add a Gmail account to the new Outlook app, use these steps:

  1. Open new Outlook app on Windows 11.

  2. Click on Settings (gear button from top-right).

    New Outlook app settings

  3. Click the “View all Outlook settings” option.

    View all Outlook settings

  4. Click on Accounts.

  5. Click on Email accounts.

  6. Click the Add account option.

    New Outlook add account

  7. Add your Gmail account information.

    New Outlook add Gmail account

  8. Click the Continue button.

  9. Click the Continue button again.

    Sync your Gmail account

  10. Confirm your account password.

  11. Continue with the on-screen directions to sign in.

  12. Click the Allow button to allow Outlook access to your Gmail account.

    Gmail permission for Outlook app

Once you complete the steps, the Gmail account will be added to the new Outlook app, and you will also have access to your Google Calendar and Contacts information.